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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

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Task Shortcut

System Shortcuts

Help F1
Open Start menu CTRL+ESC or
Windows Logo
Switch between open programs ALT+TAB
Quit program ALT+F4
Delete item permanently SHIFT+DELETE
Lock the computer Windows Logo+L
Minimize all open programs Windows Logo+M or
Windows Logo+D
Undo minimize all SHIFT+Windows Logo+M
Run dialog box Windows Logo+R
Open Windows Explorer Windows Logo+E
Find files or folders Windows Logo+F
Show System Properties dialog box Windows Logo+Break

Interacting with Dialog Boxes and Forms

Move to the next control in the dialog box TAB
Move to the previous control in the dialog box SHIFT+TAB
- Click a button
- Toggle a check box
- Select an option
(In all cases the control in question should have the focus)
Equivalent to clicking the selected button ENTER
Equivalent to clicking the Cancel button ESC
Move to an specific item ALT+underlined letter in dialog box item
Task Shortcut

Program Shortcuts

Copy item CTRL+C
Cut item CTRL+X
Paste item CTRL+V
Format text as bold CTRL+B
Format text as underline CTRL+U
Format text as italic CTRL+I
Print document CTRL+P

Windows Explorer Shortcuts

Rename object F2
Select the Go To A Different Folder box F4
Refresh the current window F5
Moves among panes in Windows Explorer F6
Undo the last command or action CTRL+Z
Open the properties for the selected object ALT+ENTER
Select all the items in the current window CTRL+A
Switch to the parent folder BACKSPACE

On Windows Explorer Tree Control

Expand everything under the current selection Numeric Keypad *
Expand the current selection Numeric Keypad +
Collapse the current selection Numeric Keypad -

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