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Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

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Task Shortcut

Working with Tabs

Open links in a new tab in the background CTRL+click
Open links in a new tab in the foreground CTRL+SHIFT+click
Open a new tab in the foreground CTRL+T
Switch between tabs CTRL+TAB or
Close current tab CTRL+W or CTRL+F4
Open a new tab in the foreground from the Address bar ALT+ENTER
Switch to a specific tab number CTRL+n
(where n is a number
between 1 and 8)
Switch to the last tab CTRL+9
Close other tabs CTRL+ALT+F4

Using Print Preview

The shorcuts on this section apply once the Print Preview window is open. The Preview window could be open by going to the Page menu (ALT+P) and then using the arrow keys to navigate to the Print menu and the Preview option.
Set printing options and print the page ALT+P
Change paper, headers and footers, orientation, and margins for this page ALT+U
Display the first page to be printed ALT+HOME
Display the previous page to be printed ALT+LEFT ARROW
Type the number of the page you want displayed ALT+A
Display the next page to be printed ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Display the last page to be printed ALT+END
Close Print Preview ALT+C

Working with Favorites

Add the current page to your favorites CTRL+D
Open the Organize Favorites dialog box CTRL+B
Move selected item up in the Favorites list in the Organize Favorites dialog box ALT+UP ARROW
Move selected item down in the Favorites list in the Organize Favorites dialog box ALT+DOWN ARROW
Open Favorites Center and display your favorites ALT+C
Close Favorites Center ESC
Open the Favorites menu from the menu bar ALT+A

Using Search

Go to the search box CTRL+E
Open your search query in a new tab ALT+ENTER
Task Shortcut

General Browsing

Toggle between full-screen and regular views of the browser window F11
Go to your home page ALT+HOME
Go to the next page ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Go to the previous page ALT+LEFT ARROW
Display the contextual menu for a page element (i.e. link) SHIFT+F10
Move to the beginning of a document HOME
Move to the end of a document END
Find on this page CTRL+F
Refresh the current webpage F5
Forced-Refresh the current webpage CTRL+F5
Stop downloading a page ESC
Open a new website or page CTRL+O
Open a new window CTRL+N
Save the current page CTRL+S
Print the current page or active frame CTRL+P
Activate a selected link ENTER
Open Favorites CTRL+I
Open History CTRL+H
Open Feeds CTRL+J
Open the Page menu ALT+P
Open the Tools menu ALT+T
Open the Help menu ALT+H
View Page Source ALT+V+C

Using the Address Bar

Select the text in the Address bar ALT+D
Display a list of addresses you've typed F4
Add www. to the beginning and .com to the end of the text typed in the Address bar CTRL+ENTER
Move forward through the list of AutoComplete matches UP ARROW
Move back through the list of AutoComplete matches DOWN ARROW

Zomming in and out

Increase zoom (+ 10%) CTRL+PLUS SIGN
Decrease zoom (- 10%) CTRL+MINUS SIGN
Zoom to 100% CTRL+0

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