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Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

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Task Shortcut

Working with Tabs and Windows

Open links in a new tab in the background CTRL+click
Open links in a new tab in the foreground CTRL+SHIFT+click
Open a new tab in the foreground CTRL+T
Switch between tabs CTRL+TAB or
Close current tab CTRL+W or CTRL+F4
Undo close tab CTRL+SHIFT+T
Open a new tab in the foreground from the Address bar ALT+ENTER
Switch to a specific tab number CTRL+n
(where n is a number
between 1 and 8)
Switch to the last tab CTRL+9
Open new window CTRL+N
Close window CTRL+SHIFT+W
Undo close window CTRL+SHIFT+N

Using Print Preview

The shorcuts on this section apply once the Print Preview window is open.
Open Print Preview ALT+F+V
Close Print Preview ESC
Set printing options and print the page ALT+P
Change paper, headers and footers, orientation, and margins for this page ALT+U
Display the first page to be printed HOME
Display the previous page to be printed PAGE UP
Display the next page to be printed PAGE DOWN
Display the last page to be printed ALT+END
Close Print Preview ALT+C

Zomming in and out

Increase zoom CTRL+PLUS SIGN
Decrease zoom CTRL+MINUS SIGN
Zoom to 100% CTRL+0

Using Search

Go to the search box CTRL+E or
Open your search query in a new tab ALT+ENTER
Find again F3 or
Find previous SHIFT+F3 or
Quick find within link-text only '
Quick find /
Task Shortcut

General Browsing

Toggle between full-screen and regular views of the browser window F11
Go to your home page ALT+HOME
Go to the next page ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Go to the previous page ALT+LEFT ARROW
Display the contextual menu for a page element (i.e. link) SHIFT+F10
Move to the beginning of a document HOME
Move to the end of a document END
Move to next frame F6
Move to previous frame SHIFT+F6
Find on this page CTRL+F
Refresh the current webpage F5
Forced-Refresh the current webpage CTRL+F5 or
Stop downloading a page ESC
Open a new website or page CTRL+O
Save the current page CTRL+S
Print the current page or active frame CTRL+P
Activate a selected link ENTER
Open Bookmarks CTRL+I
Open History CTRL+H
Open Downloads CTRL+J
Open the Tools menu ALT+T
Open the Help menu ALT+H
View Page Source CTRL+U
Toggle Private Browsing CTRL+SHIFT+P
Clear Recent History CTRL+SHIFT+DEL

Using the Address Bar

Select the text in the Address bar ALT+D
Add www. to the beginning and .com to the end of the text typed in the Address bar CTRL+ENTER
Add www. to the beginning and .net to the end of the text typed in the Address bar SHIFT+ENTER
Add www. to the beginning and .org to the end of the text typed in the Address bar CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

Working with Bookmarks

Add the current page to your Bookmarks CTRL+D
Bookmark all tabs CTRL+SHIFT+D
Toggle Bookmarks sidebar CTRL+B or
Open Library window (Bookmarks) CTRL+SHIFT+B

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